New CD Available

As part of the band’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations, a brand new CD is now available to purchase.

Titled ‘Legacy’, the recording features some of the band’s favourite pieces and a number of our talented soloists. The recording is entitled ‘Legacy’ to provoke an idea of longevity, permanence and strength. It is also a nod to some of our longer serving players and a fitting way to mark a significant milestone in the band’s history.

Legacy, recorded by the East of England Co-op Band, July 2022.

‘Legacy’ features traditional pieces including “Akademische Festfanfare” and “O Magnum Mysterium”, both particular favourites of many of the players. It also includes some popular pieces such as “Breezin’ Down Broadway” and “633 Squadron”. You can hear award winning soloists featured on the CD. Firstly, Principal Cornet Player Georgi Hawkes-Wright with her beautiful rendition of “First Light” and also Soprano Player Jason Beattie with his stunning performance of “Demelza”.

The band have also recorded a brand, new piece “Field of the Cloth of Gold”. This piece was written for the band in celebration of their 40th Anniversary Year by the one and only Philip Harper, Musical Director of the world famous Cory Band.

The final two pieces recorded on the CD hold great significance for the band. Track 14 is the piece “Legacy” by Tom Davoren. This would have been the test piece that the band played at the L&SC Regional Contest in March 2020 had it not been cancelled two weeks beforehand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having spent months preparing and growing to really enjoy the piece but not being able to play it for an audience, the band were keen to revisit the music and give it the performance it deserved.

Track 15 is another test piece of significance, this time “Spectrum” by Gilbert Vinter. This is actually the live recording of the band’s impressive and winning performance at the 2022 L&SC Regional Contest, the performance that secured the band’s promotion to the Championship Section.

The CD is not only a way to mark the band’s 40th Anniversary Year, but a celebration of the band, of players past and present, and of all they have achieved over the last few years. As any band will tell you, coming back together after a pandemic and 18 months of not playing together is no easy feat, but the East of England Co-op Band have come back together, focused and strong and have worked hard to earn their achievements this year.

We hope you enjoy listening to the CD as much as we have enjoyed recording it for you. It is currently available in hard copy and we hope to make it available as a digital copy soon.

To purchase a copy of the CD ‘Legacy’ for just £10, please get in touch using the form on the contact page or email the band at


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